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Monthly Archives: May 2017

What future is there for the EU?

Writing from Latvia, Jāna Jeruma-Grinberga the chaplain of St Saviour’s Anglican Church in Riga Latvia, makes the case that the first priority for the EU has to be to ensure that Brexit does not unpick the first stitch which leads to the unravelling of the EU knit. The potential consequences of a Union, disintegrating among recrimination and increased protectionism, are too unpleasant to contemplate. Unity must be maintained.

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Can there be such a thing as a Christian Brexit?

Gregory Cameron writes that though Brexit may not be a spiritual or religious enterprise all the churches, including the Church in Wales, have to engage vigorously in the public debate about Brexit and our society as advocates of a Christian vision of social inclusion and people centred politics. In challenging times of change it falls to us to demonstrate what loving our neighbours really means.

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Scottish identity in a post-Brexit Britain

David Chillingworth tries to make sense of the case for Scottish independence following the referendum decision to leave the EU. Despite passionate and heated arguments on both sides he thinks that the majority of voters remain confused as to how to manage their competing identities. He makes the case that Churches and faith communities should maintain an active neutrality in the debate but press for an inclusive process that allows people to explore the issue quietly and carefully.

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