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Monthly Archives: January 2016

Postcard from Rome

In this postcard from Rome, Jonathan Boardman, the Anglican Chaplain at All Saints’ Rome, looks at Italian attitudes to the EU which appear to encourage in and out tendencies at the same time. How do these contradictory tendencies shape Italian views towards Brexit?

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Sovereignty and human flourishing in Europe

Alison Elliot reflects on the differences between the Scottish and English traditions of sovereignty and how this affects the framing of the European issue both sides of the border. She argues that as the European project faces its current crises, it is incumbent on its citizens to exercise the freedom they have to enrich its democratic dimension through civic activity that engages with the important issues. And in this, the churches have a role.

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Postcard from Berlin

In this postcard from Berlin, Christopher Jage-Bowler explores the German attitudes towards Brexit. He writes that despite the natural impulse to show solidarity with Britain, the tendency by British politicians to talk of leaving the EU because its not in the national interest causes deep concern and alarm in Germany.

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“As for me and my household”: Unity and Diversity in Europe

Guy Bandon makes the case that bringing unity amid diversity in Europe requires a clarity of vision of what people are being asked to unite around. Brandon questions whether there is sufficient clarity to date as to what that vision is.

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Caricaturing the values of the anti-EU Christian

Political theologian Adrian Hilton explores why the caricature of anti-EU Christians as narrow minded xenophobes is indicative of a wider elite strategy aimed at closing down democratic debate.

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