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Monthly Archives: February 2017

What future is there for the EU? A Swiss perspective

Serge Fornerod from the Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches explores from a Swiss perspective whether the EU has a long term future.

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Peers debate Brexit Bill

During the Second Reading of the European Union (Notification for Withdrawal) Bill the Bishop of Southwark told other Peers that while he had significant concerns about the effects of Brexit and about the coherence of Government’s negotiating strategy it would be preferable not to weigh down the Bill with additional provisions. He sets out his view that where there is a choice on offer between Government assurances and the passing of amendments to this Brexit Bill, the more sensible course would be to bank the former and avoid the latter.

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What global role should Britain aspire to?

Ben Ryan and Nick Spencer from Theos reflect on Britain’s global role in the world following Theresa May’s recent visit to meet the new US President. They make the case that while post-Britain Brexit needs all the friends and good will it can get, there is a risk that in the hasty wooing of President Trump, Britain finds itself edging towards a relationship that ends up being more abusive than the last one.

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An affair of honour

Katrin Hatzinger takes a closer look at Prime Minister Theresa May’s Lancaster House speech and reflects on how it relates to the promises made during the referendum campaign. She suggest that the ideal relationship for Britain to have with the EU would involve doing as little damage as possible to the manifold political, economic and personal relations – not to forget about the fate of those Brits living, working and studying in the EU and vice versa.

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British superiority and insularity exposed by cold reality of Brexit

Has a British sense of insular superiority contributed to a politics of delusion when it comes to negotiating Britain’s exit from the EU. Jonathan Chaplin strips back some of the rhetoric from the government’s negotiating position to find a government in denial as to the challenges that lie ahead.

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