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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Brexit and the lost art of political leadership

Tim Cross argues that post-Brexit we need a total revamp of the machinery of government of Government and along with it we need wiser, better prepared leaders with broader experience. only by doing so will Britain be able to reconnect with the prevailing demos.

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Schrodinger’s Brexit

Guy Brandon, the Research Director at the Jubilee Centre, uses Schrodinger’s cat thought experiment to make the case that the very act of the UK leaving the EU fundamentally changes the nature of the EU. It raises questions about the form in which it will continue to exist, or perhaps even whether it can survive over the long term

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From Brexit to Nexit?

Rev. Joost Röselaers, a minister of the Dutch Church in London, looks at whether Brexit could also see a Nexit in Holland. This situation can be avoided if the EU rediscovers her raison d’être and the things that unite its citizens.

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