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Monthly Archives: April 2016

Postcard from Brussels

In this postcard from Brussels Katrin Hatzinger argues that it would be great if the Brits would get rid of their fears of being marginalized and would grip the occasion to shape the future of Europe together with their partners. There is too much at stake to remain passive and indifferent.

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Beyond ‘Project Fear’

In this opinion piece Alison Elliot takes a closer look at how ‘Project Fear’ impacted on the Scottish Independence Referendum. She rejects the analysis that Scotland voted no to independence due to ‘project fear’ and warns against using a similar strategy to make the case for remaining in the EU.

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Architects of our own destiny?

Guy Brandon from the Jubilee Centre in Cambridge takes a fresh look at current debates about sovereignty. He warns that placing national identity above our identity in Christ should raise a warning flag. Our own legal system might be underpinned by biblical foundations and Christian heritage, but it is not God-given. He warns that sovereignty should not be absolutised, whether the issue is approached from a practical or spiritual direction.

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The elusive quest for subsidiarity, solidarity and responsibility

In this thought piece Ben Ryan and Nick Spencer reason that if the basis of European integration is to be that the EU will make people richer then it is doomed. Instead, they argue that the only sustainable basis for union is to be based on something more fundamental; something moral, perhaps even spiritual. They make the case that A recovery of the moral mission of Europe and in particular the courage to put solidarity, subsidiarity and responsibility back at the top of the priority list is not naïve utopian politics – it is the last best chance for the EU to really work.

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Postcard from Vienna

Writing from Vienna, Patrick Curran laments that a vote to simply stay in the European Union without a change of attitude is only a short-term gain unless a positive and constructively critical narrative is allowed to emerge, which in turn will strengthen the European Union for all her citizens and those who live on her borders. The Eurosceptics will not be satisfied until sovereignty has been restored to Westminster.

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