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Monthly Archives: March 2017

Trading places

Philip Booth take a closer look at several economic forecasts about Brexit. He makes the case that while not being in the single market may make it more difficult for UK companies to export services, completing trade deals in this complex world within one country rather than as one of 28 countries should be more straightforward.

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Article of faith

Dave Landrum makes the case that while for some in the UK the triggering of A50 signifies a tyranny of the majority, for the majority it represents vox populi – a confirmation of faith in democracy. For Christians, the challenges in these turbulent times are to keep calm and carry on, and to seek and affirm vox dei – for the future of the UK and for Europe.

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Negotiating Britain’s divorce from Europe

Sir Stephen Wall writes that over half those who voted in the referendum elected to leave the EU. Just under half voted to remain. Did anyone vote for the ruination which could be our fate if leaders here and on the continent do not step back, look at what is precious in our present relationship and vow to work to preserve it? That requires an adult conversation between our Government and our partners. And between our Government and us, the electorate, in place of the self-serving inanities of Mr Johnson or the empty boasts of Mr Fox.

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Emerging voices after Brexit

Anne Richards takes a fresh look at some of the motivating forces that led many in working classes areas to vote leave. She explores how the world ‘Leave’ has become detached from its political consequences and assumed a life of its own, as a way of getting back something people can cope with, whether that is law, locality or language. A Brexit for the common good might well ask what else Leave voters really want to see gone

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The return of Europe’s nation states

Patrick Curran from Christ Church Vienna explores what the return of Europe’s nation states means for our understanding of Europe – both as a peace project but also in terms of identity.

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Lives in limbo

The Bishop in Europe, the Rt Revd Robert Innes sets out why the UK government should seek to normalise the rights of EU nationals resident in the UK regardless of whether there is a reciprocal deal with other EU member states as to the position of UK expats.

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The House of Lords, the Archbishop and the Brexit Bill

During the report stage of the EU (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill in the House of of Lords, the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Rt Revd Justin Welby, spoke and voted against an amendment proposing a second referendum on the terms of Britain’s exit from the European Union.

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