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From Newcastle to Ypres and back again

Robert Innes warns that while the referendum on the EU does provide the opportunity for the expression of frustration and anger with the Westminster elite, a vote to leave could determine not just the future of Britain but the future of the European continent, for decades to come.

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The myth of full British sovereignty

Werner Jeanrond argues that reforming the institutions of the European Union is a noble act – who would not wish to support it – but asking for full national sovereignty today reveals a nostalgic desire to live in a world long gone and plays to the tune of media and corporate managers that neither care for Britain’s nor for Europe’s future.

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Reconciling communities

Overall cohesion in a community can bring ‘peace’ amongst the residents, tolerance and understanding. But how is cohesion brought about? Conservative MP Caroline Spelman looks at how we create reconcilied & shared communities locally, and asks whether such a process might assist in reforming the EU?

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Caught between reform and reformation

Former diplomat Stephen Wall examines how our attitudes towards the EU have been shaped by our experiences of the reformation

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The EU – not as godless as you think

Robert Innes, Anglican Bishop in Europe, takes a fresh look at the origins of the EU and how it has been shaped by Christian thinking.

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Is the EU fit for purpose?

David Burrowes questions whether the EU is fit for purpose and whether it is in need of root and branch reform.

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