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What future is there for the EU?

Writing from Latvia, Jāna Jeruma-Grinberga the chaplain of St Saviour’s Anglican Church in Riga Latvia, makes the case that the first priority for the EU has to be to ensure that Brexit does not unpick the first stitch which leads to the unravelling of the EU knit. The potential consequences of a Union, disintegrating among recrimination and increased protectionism, are too unpleasant to contemplate. Unity must be maintained.

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Brexit and the lost art of political leadership

Tim Cross argues that post-Brexit we need a total revamp of the machinery of government of Government and along with it we need wiser, better prepared leaders with broader experience. only by doing so will Britain be able to reconnect with the prevailing demos.

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The myth of full British sovereignty

Werner Jeanrond argues that reforming the institutions of the European Union is a noble act – who would not wish to support it – but asking for full national sovereignty today reveals a nostalgic desire to live in a world long gone and plays to the tune of media and corporate managers that neither care for Britain’s nor for Europe’s future.

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Towards an informed debate on our shared futures

Rt Rev Dr Angus Morrison, Moderator of the Church of Scotland’s General Assembly, calls for a debate on Europe that revitatilses the body politic.

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