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Article of faith

Dave Landrum makes the case that while for some in the UK the triggering of A50 signifies a tyranny of the majority, for the majority it represents vox populi – a confirmation of faith in democracy. For Christians, the challenges in these turbulent times are to keep calm and carry on, and to seek and affirm vox dei – for the future of the UK and for Europe.

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Identity and risk (2)

In the second of two blogs, Philip Giddings explores Christian understandings of risks, and uncertainty and how they apply to the EU referendum. He writes that for Christians ultimate security can only be found in Almighty God. This means not having to give way to fear or fatalism in the EU referendum debates: rather we take confidence in His promise that as we walk with Him risk gives way to security and together in Him we find our true identity.

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The myth of full British sovereignty

Werner Jeanrond argues that reforming the institutions of the European Union is a noble act – who would not wish to support it – but asking for full national sovereignty today reveals a nostalgic desire to live in a world long gone and plays to the tune of media and corporate managers that neither care for Britain’s nor for Europe’s future.

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How can the EU be re-membered?

Jonathan Chaplin grapples with how the EU can be re-membered and how Christians can assist that task

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The EU and the inevitable slide into secular authoritarianism

Suzanne Evans looks again at EU’s development and asks why so many of its policies are designed to inflame division rather than bring harmony.

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