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The elusive quest for subsidiarity, solidarity and responsibility

In this thought piece Ben Ryan and Nick Spencer reason that if the basis of European integration is to be that the EU will make people richer then it is doomed. Instead, they argue that the only sustainable basis for union is to be based on something more fundamental; something moral, perhaps even spiritual. They make the case that A recovery of the moral mission of Europe and in particular the courage to put solidarity, subsidiarity and responsibility back at the top of the priority list is not naïve utopian politics – it is the last best chance for the EU to really work.

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Brexit and the rural community

Over 40 per cent of the EU budget is spent on farming but in the European debate it has largely been a footnote. In this blog Mark Betson makes the case that even though our landscape has shaped and continues to shape our culture – take the image of Britain portrayed at the opening to the 2012 London Olympics and its origins in a green and pleasant land – the future of our investment in it has not been addressed in the Europe debate.

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The myth of full British sovereignty

Werner Jeanrond argues that reforming the institutions of the European Union is a noble act – who would not wish to support it – but asking for full national sovereignty today reveals a nostalgic desire to live in a world long gone and plays to the tune of media and corporate managers that neither care for Britain’s nor for Europe’s future.

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The UK, sovereignty and the EU

Former diplomat Stephen Wall explores why sovereignity is core to debates about UK membership of the EU. Can we think about sovereignty in less zero sum terms? Can it be shared?

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