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Category Archives: Sovereignty

Architects of our own destiny?

Guy Brandon from the Jubilee Centre in Cambridge takes a fresh look at current debates about sovereignty. He warns that placing national identity above our identity in Christ should raise a warning flag. Our own legal system might be underpinned by biblical foundations and Christian heritage, but it is not God-given. He warns that sovereignty should not be absolutised, whether the issue is approached from a practical or spiritual direction.

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The myth of full British sovereignty

Werner Jeanrond argues that reforming the institutions of the European Union is a noble act – who would not wish to support it – but asking for full national sovereignty today reveals a nostalgic desire to live in a world long gone and plays to the tune of media and corporate managers that neither care for Britain’s nor for Europe’s future.

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Sovereignty and human flourishing in Europe

Alison Elliot reflects on the differences between the Scottish and English traditions of sovereignty and how this affects the framing of the European issue both sides of the border. She argues that as the European project faces its current crises, it is incumbent on its citizens to exercise the freedom they have to enrich its democratic dimension through civic activity that engages with the important issues. And in this, the churches have a role.

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The UK, sovereignty and the EU

Former diplomat Stephen Wall explores why sovereignity is core to debates about UK membership of the EU. Can we think about sovereignty in less zero sum terms? Can it be shared?

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